How Businesses Can Benefit from Acoustic Plaster

Noise in the workplace can be the thing of employee’s nightmares, especially if it is impossible for them to escape the noise that surrounds them while they work. Noise can be irritating and distracting, the worst combination for an employee working on an important project. Luckily, this is where acoustic plaster can come into play, even proving itself to be successful when used in industries that directly involve machinery that produce a large amount of noise.

What does acoustic plaster do and how can it aid businesses?

Acoustic plaster is a type of high-quality plastering system that can be put into place inside of buildings to absorb a large amount of noise. It is possible to use this system in a wide range of different environments, from noisy retail shops to historical buildings that need to be protected.

This means that acoustic plaster would be beneficial in most businesses, as it can be applied to both walls and ceilings. It offers optimum acoustic control. Usually it can be difficult to control sound in open spaces, but this particular product is actually perfect for large open spaces.

It works by directly absorbing the sound waves that hit the acoustic plaster, reducing the reverberation time of the sound wave and absorbing a large amount of the sound during the process. It is also worth noting that it is completely odour-free and known to resist humidity, so you don’t even need to worry about microorganisms growing on it.


Where can acoustic plaster be used?

You might be imagining acoustic plaster as something that can only be easily applied to a straight wall, in the way that standard plaster would be applied within a home. This could make it difficult to apply plaster to a commercial space, a task that would result in hours and hours of expensive labour.

The reality is quite different when it comes to applying acoustic plaster. It can be sprayed onto virtually any surface. This can include everything from straight walls to dramatic angles and arching domes, providing businesses with a rather discreet alternative to the traditional acoustic solutions that we are all familiar with, like suspended ceilings.

This can make acoustic plaster a suitable option for almost every location. It could be used to quieten an educational space and make noises echo less, to make a retail shopping experience less noisy, or, most importantly, to keep your employees happy in a business environment.

What benefits should businesses expect to see?

The benefits that businesses should expect to see from investing in acoustic plaster are unique, as they will vary on a business by business basis. Every business will see benefits, but they will appear in different ways.

For example, if your business is operated in an office environment, you could expect to see an increase in employee productivity and happiness. This is simply because your employees will be a lot less distracted, able to focus on their own work and thoughts without worrying about the noise that surrounds them. Your employees want silence that they do not have to work for, opposed to an office environment that sounds more like a hunting trip than a workplace.

Another example of a potential benefit could be found in an educational environment, where noise is known to be an on-going problem. Students find noise distracting and the smallest of distractions in an educational environment can quickly turn into a nightmare. Acoustic plaster would absorb a lot of the noise, reducing the number of distractions and directly improving the way that students behave and their concentration in classes.




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